Prelude Prototype (P1)

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Prelude Prototype (P1)

Post by Haris »

Hello everyone I don't know if I ever shared with you the email below which I received a couple of years ago and I find fascinating!

Hi there,
Your site brought back many memories, My wife and I bought the original Prelude prototype (P1), which I named Deben Aire, from Mike Nunn of Seamark Nunn and for the first year or so sailed from his mooring on the River Deben. My agreement with Mike was that he could use the boat for publicity ie sailing press reviews etc in return for use of the mooring. The boat was set up by Ian Proctor and Mike and was scratch boat on the Deben at the time (as was any boat Mike Sailed), the prototype had been fitted out by Seamark Nunn and had one or two minor differences (no turned teak fiddle rails etc) from the production boat.

I sailed from the River Deben for two years or so before moving her round to Cobbs Quay (Poole). We really enjoyed our time with the Prelude which we found very seaworthy - returning from Cherboug in a full force 6 proved that, unfortunately as we lived in Coventry the cost of travelling each weekend eventually proved too much particularly when the petrol prices rocketed and we had to sell her.

I may still have copies of other reviews which I will forward if I can find them, they may be of interest to other members of your assoviation.

Regards and good sailing

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Re: Prelude Prototype (P1)

Post by Paddytwo »

Wow - that is a lovely piece of history to have - I wonder do they still have the original brochure - that would be great to see!

As I recently got my hands on Tiny Dancer - Prelude No 6 I am particularly interested in the changes that have happened over the years. I too have plane fiddle rails, the sink is behind the stove and not at right angles to it. THe keel is unusual as it has a thin middle profile and the bulk of the ballast on the lower third - so she should go like a train!

She is in absolutely fabulous condition for her age. Still has original gel coat, GRP headlining is perfect. THere is really very little to do with her except go sailing.

It does look like she has had new keel bolts fitted and new standing rigging over the years but very little else. I have two wonderful jamming blocks used as a downhaul for the jib tack and as a kicking strap made from what looks like bronze - worn - but perfectly functioning!

I did find a Belgian flag in the bowels too - so if anyone has any knowledge of Prelude No 6 I would be very interested!

KInd regards to you all

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