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sailing the med

Postby mike » Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:20 am

Hola , what a week its been ,firstly thanks to those who replied to my little problem with mainsheets ,I have now gone back to the original position on the deck , I think my original problem was more to do with not having enough faith in my crew ,[ ere indoors ] Ellie by name ,I am / was a sailing instructor at Ravens Ait in Surbiton in 1972 , and have sailed allsorts since , from cherubs to Moodies ,however teaching a friend from u/k this week on the med near Alicante taught me a lesson in faith ,the week has spanned from useing the outboard only to broad reaching down the waves on genoa only at speeds of up to 6knots , but what I got from it was that I have for a long time always assumed everyone else knew what to do next ,in strong winds ,not so ,my friend confessed he has learnt this a lot this week ,he had to hes just bought a hunter 23.5 and is bringing it out here next year and he was less competent than I realised until we had a good blow on wednesday,however suddenly realising he was a little afraid I bit the bullet and reluctantly took him back in and we had a chat ,suddenly it dawned on me that i needed to go back to my bike riding outlook of treat everyone else being unsafe until your asolutely sure you know what they are going to do next , so now I must go back and TEACH my wife how to sail before I frighten her off sailing ,sorry to rabbit on too much ,if you have a Prelude and are in Alicante region next year look me up I am always looking for crew ,Happy sailing . Mike Evans
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