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Welcome to new members

Postby Haris » Mon May 19, 2008 9:29 pm

Hi everyone
It's just over a year, this May, since a couple of us started this association and now there's 52 members who have signed up for the forum.
I'm sure you will all agree with me that this website and the forum has been very helpful to many of us.
If you are a Prelude owner and your name and boat name does not appear on the members' list ( http://www.prelude-owners.info/members.html ) please let me know your details so that I could update the list.
Please send the following info: Your name, Boat name, Sail No, Location.
Also please do use the gallery to post some photos of your prelude. Information of how to use the gallery can be found here: http://www.prelude-owners.info/GalleryHowTo.html
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